When Alexander finished 3rd grade, his reading DRA was a 12. This is a first grade level. He had in-class support in 1st grade and was pulled out in 2nd grade. By 3rd grade he cried when having to go to school and had no confidence. The school reading program was of no help to him.
Then in July 2014 after finishing 3rd grade, Alex began a new program, "Pathways to the Mind". He went into the program unable to sound out even the simplest words.
After a couple of months Alexander was a different boy. He gained confidence, was acquiring new skills and was really starting to read!
He has been part of this wonderful program for about a year now. Mrs. D'Antoni has him reading with a new found confidence. His comprehension is amazing, remembering and understanding what he reads. He can actually read some 4th grade level books!
Ms. Mary Beth is a God- Send. She is patient, understanding and an amazing teacher. Her program and her ability to teach my son in a way that helps him to learn is remarkable. She can work with him forever!

Thank you for all you do and have done,
Lisa Gerber

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I am writing this testimonial in regards to the tutoring my daughter Alyssa receives from Mary Beth D'Antoni. When she began tutoring a year ago she was at a first grade level with reading. A year later she is now at a fourth grade level and doing beautifully in school. This program gave my daughter the confidence and reading skills she was lacking. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Thank you Mrs. D'Antoni,
Jenna Johnson

I had my son, Gavin's IQ tested in 2013 and we found that although he scored off the charts he had one area that was going to hinder him; his processing. It was recommended that we find a tutor for Gavin, and in speaking to several friends I was lead to the wonderful Mrs. Mary Beth D'Antoni. I cannot say enough about her, her teaching methods and the way she approaches her students. Gavin took to Mrs. D'Antoni and her methods right away.... and I could see how much she encourages him and helps him learn the way "he needs to learn"...always being positive, always being supportive...enjoying the process of helping a "right brainer" as she calls him reach his potential. You feel her excitement in seeing him (and I'm sure all her students) progress and it is contagious not only for the child but also the parents. Gavin has been growing leaps and bounds with her help...and I know that even more time with her will help him reach his potential, to learn to take pride in his work and believe in himself and his abilities!

Thank you Mrs. D'Antoni for you and your dedication to teaching our children "outside the box" where they learn how to learn for them.

Carrie M.

I had heard whispers of this reading guru that children made phenomenal  gains with. Teachers, parents and even a supervisor in education all mentioned her to me. I sought her out and found that Mary Beth D'Antoni's many years of diverse experience has led to her ability to create and modify programs based on children's individual needs. Her knowledge of multiple evidenced-based, scientifically researched programs allows her to offer a broad range of interventions.

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In a short period of time, my son made great gains with Mary Beth. He needed an approach different than what was being offered at school. Not only has Mary Beth provided such a program, but she also expertly modified her approach as my son's needs changed.

A Mother

My son Ryan always struggled in school, especially in reading. His confidence was at an all-time low and he cried every morning because he didn't want to go to school. When Ryan began to work with Mrs. D'Antoni we noticed he started to have confidence in himself and was more willing to try his homework at night. We are thankful that Mrs. D'Antoni was able to help him master his phonics, increase his attention and gain overall confidence.

Ryan's Mother

My son greatly improved his reading skills through this program. Prior to using this program he was functioning below his grade level, and after using the program he is above his grade level. There were many hurdles he had to overcome and this program helped him achieve success with much confidence. Thank you for giving my son the opportunity to achieve his full potential.

Andrea B


After finding that my son has a learning disability, I decided to have him tutored   We continued for several sessions.  My son discovered that he learns in a different way and can be successful using the techniques that were taught him.  He now has self-confidence and does well in school and is looking forward to more academic success.  We attribute this directly to the program's unique teaching style. Richard achieved his goals with his teacher's inspiration.

Richard's Mom

After 2 years of meeting with teachers only to be told, "She will be fine. It will click someday," or "She will catch on soon," we knew we had to try something else. Traditional instruction did not equip Catherine with strategies to be able to succeed in school and progress with her classmates. Despite Catherine's best efforts and extra work at home she was steadily falling further behind.
When Catherine met Mary Beth at our first meeting she was so excited that someone finally understood what a hard time she was having. Mary Beth was able to approach learning in a way that finally made sense to Catherine. In just a few short weeks her confidence improved and her reading scores began to improve.
In 1 1/2 years Catherine went from reading at a beginning of 2nd grade reading level (while in the 3rd grade) with no understanding of phonics, to reading at a fifth grade level at the end of 4th grade. Now that reading is easier, Catherine has found a new love of Social Studies and even Math has gotten easier because she can now understand the word problems.
What a gift it is to no longer see our child struggling to keep up.

Catherine's Mother

When my son was struggling with reading, so much so, that for a period of time each DRA score was lower than the previous, no one could identify why. Not his teacher, the school reading specialist, or the school administration. Even after much diagnostic testing, a prominent area neuro-developmental behavioral pediatrician could not identify why my son was struggling with reading.

I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation for all the knowledge my daughter has been given during her early school years.
My daughter had some early learning delays, one of which was reading.  I feel because of her blockage with reading, she was becoming frustrated, angry and loosing self confidence.  If you do not have a strong grasp of reading, you will not be able to move ahead in almost any area of life.  She started in the program when she was in second grade and continued with it reaching success. The wall was knocked down which was holding her back, and off she went.  This program has a wonderful way of reaching the students and sending them onto an amazing future.
Thank you,
S. L.

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My daughter has grown a lot in the past two years academically and her confidence has improved working with Mary Beth and using the "Pathways to the Mind" Program. She jumped six reading levels this past year and her independent reading has improved. Mary Beth not only works with students on their academics but helping them to raise their self esteem. Mary Beth is patient and motivates children to be their best.
The "Pathways to the Mind" Reading Program works on phonemic awareness, pattern recognition, comprehension and fluency; all of which my daughter has improved on. Mary Beth and her program has been a lifesaver for my daughter.

T. Sasso

I have twin boys that have struggled with reading from a young age. Reading has never come easily to them. When they were in 2nd grade we were fortunate to have Mrs. D'Antoni work with them on their reading skills. They have grown tremendously. While attending one of Mrs. D'Antoni's workshops I learned reading is not about memorizing. She explained the different ways students learn. I was absolutely amazed at how complicated and difficult reading can be for students if they are not taught correctly. Mrs. D'Antoni is constantly monitoring their progress and tailoring their lessons to make sure they are constantly improving. My boys love going to see Mrs. D'Antoni and always walk out after their session with huge smiles on their faces. We are so thankful to Mrs. D'Antoni and for her program, "Pathways to the Mind."