Learning Press LLC

Learning Center in Manasquan, NJ

Cost: $750

SAT Prep Course Overview:

10  Sessions, 5 weeks;  2.5 hours per session

(1.25-hour Math & 1.25-hour verbal)

Class size average: up to 6 students

Price includes all books and lesson materials.

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Learning Press LLC

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Our Goal

The goal of test preparation is to gain advantage as a test taker. in addition to a thorough subject matter review, test preparation exposes the patterns and trappings of the questions and answer choices, so as to not be taken by surprise. Students who prepare for an exam learn time-saving techniques, discover how to spot incorrect answers with ease, build stamina, and are generally more relaxed, poised, and in command of the material on test day.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are chosen based on expert teaching skill and knowledge of SAT and ACT subject matter. Our instructors teach Math or English on the high school or college level. They are dynamic, mature professionals who understand not only how to effectively communicate the subject matter and strategies, but also the motivation and inspiration that is required for students to succeed.

Dates: TBA

Special Offer: If two or more enroll together  your fee will drop to $600. Offer good until 4/15/18 for the Spring Session and 6/30/18 for the Summer Session. Enter the Promo code LEARN in the Message box when filling out the submission form along with the names you are enrolling with.